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DV8 Back to Hoist Jolly Roger

DV8 Back to Hoist Jolly Roger

Who: DV8
Where: Newcastle Panthers
When: Saturday October 14, 2000

TWELVE years and a week ago to the day, DV8 was due to perform its farewell gig at the Jolly Roger nightclub.

This Saturday night the legendary Newcastle rock trio will return to the venue to perform the show that never happened.

DV8 was forced to move its final show to the Newcastle Workers Club on Wednesday, October 5, 1988, after the Jolly Roger was almost destroyed in a fire the night before.

Instead the near-capacity crowd filled the Newcastle Workers Club, while the Jolly Roger was forced to close its doors for three months to rebuild the landmark rock'n'roll venue.

This Saturday night Jolly Roger proprietor VICTOR PETRICH has advised fans to arrive early to avoid disappointment.

DV8 guitarist GREG BRYCE, who has since reformed the group and released an album BIG GREEN MONSTERS, has fond recollections of the Jolly Roger shows.

'They were always good shows, I remember that,' he said.

Saturday's show is the first 'official' gig featuring Bryce, with former DV8 bass player MARK MIDDLETON and ex-SCREAMING JETS drummer CRAIG ROSEVEAR. For the past six months DV8 has been performing 'casual' shows at the Wallarah Hotel, Catherine Hill Bay, with minimal publicity while working in the new line-up.

'It's been good,' Bryce said. 'We've been doing a mixture of stuff off the Big Green Monsters album as well as a cross-section of greatest hits and some ones we personally like to play.'

Bryce predicted new DV8 material on the horizon.

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