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Hunter Keeping His Listeners Purring

Hunter Keeping His Listeners Purring

Who: Steve Hunter
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Thursday June 1, 2000

BASS player, composer and producer STEVE HUNTER has so many album credits to his name as a band leader that he's named his next album NINE LIVES. Hunter, playing tomorrow night at the Northern Star Hotel, has lived a varied musical life collaborating with international stars such as CHICK COREA and BILLY COBHAM. Hunter will join guitarist STEVE MCKENNA and drummer ANDY GANDER in the trio, playing some originals and a few things by other composers such as Corea and ORNETTE COLEMAN. McKenna has two albums out on LARRIKIN RECORDS and Gander is 'possibly Australia's most recorded drummer', featuring on albums for VINCE JONES, DALE BARLOW, CARL ORR, GRACE KNIGHT and DON BURROWS. DOUBLE BILL: GUITAR slinger GEOFF MULLARD has pulled a double header on Saturday night at Hunter On Hunter with a gig in both CABIN FEVER and THE RODGERS. It will be the first gig for The Rodgers since the passing of bass player PHIL MCNALLY. Remaining members have knitted themselves together again, enlisted the vocal and lyrical talents of McNally's brother CHRIS MCNALLY, and plan to record and release a CD before the end of the year. Mullard described The Rodgers sound as 'original Detroit rock' which relies on 'a bit more brutal force and bar chords' than the melodic and dynamically varied Cabin Fever.

COW POKE: A tumbleweed blew through the TE offices last week with a note attached. It read: 'Jump up ewe (sic) jolly jumbucks! SHEEP STATION, long thought defunct, debunk that myth by announcing their return to the Lass O'Gowrie on Friday, June 2, at 9pm. Ever loyal to their beloved fans, Sheep Station reunite to give thanks eternally through one last shot at glory. So get your epiphany up to the Lass.

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