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Zoomy Had the Shout

Zoomy Had the Shout

What: Big Keno Win

WHEN Jesmond panel beater KEVIN THOMSON, won $18,000 on keno earlier this month, he shouted the bar at his local watering hole to the tune of $500.

According to the secretary manager of the Heaton Birmingham Gardens Bowling Club ALWYN DENNIS the true blue Aussie winner has been an avid Keno player since the game began at the club three years ago.

'Kevin still has the first Keno ticket sold in the club,' Dennis said.

'He said he has had many small wins but this big one has come at the right time.'

Known as 'Zoomy' to his mates, Thomson took the Keno tickets home with him without checking the results, after a customary afternoon beer following work at Jesmond Smash Repairs.

By the time he'd arrived home the club had called Zoomy at home with the news. The lucky punter immediately returned to the club and shouted the bar.

Zoomy has deposited the rest of his windfall at his building society, and has 'no plans at present' on when he will shout the bar again. TE

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