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More Please Mr Mathiske

More Please Mr Mathiske

Who: Bruce Mathiske
Where: University of Newcastle Conservatorium Hall
When: Friday May 5, 2000

TWO years after releasing his debut album I WISH Newcastle's internationally-renowned guitarist BRUCE MATHISKE is still receiving orders for the CD from all over the world.

There has been another studio album, NIGHTMARE, recorded and released since, but the incredible success of the song BARCON HEADS BAY continues to reverberate for Mathiske.

Air play of the song on two Queensland ABC radio stations alone has enabled Mathiske to fill two 360-seat theatres under his own name without previously touring there.

This Friday night Mathiske hopes to fill the University of Newcastle Conservatorium Hall for a concert that will be aired for a pay television special in Edinburgh during the three-week festival in August.

Most of Mathiske's CD sales come from live performances, but the guitarist is making inroads into other areas through a combination of international and national touring, regional Australian air play and Internet sales.

His next release in September will be a video of Friday's performance, followed by another studio album in April 2001.

Half of Mathiske's video/television special will be drawn from his performance at the Edinburgh Festival last year.

That footage includes Mathiske's outdoor performance before thousands of UK festival-goers on Fringe Sunday before last year's more intimate 12-date run at another venue.

The video also contains footage of a publicity stunt, reported in Edinburgh newspapers, of an impromptu performance he delivered in front of a billboard advertising his latest album.

In Australia the special will be released as a video for Mathiske's live fans who 'have been asking for a live album for years', and will feature songs that Mathiske only performs live.

Mathiske has been performing at the festival for the past two years.

He became a regular at the festival four years into his annual circuit through Europe and the United States.

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