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Video for People of
Extreme Tastes Only

Video for People of Extreme Tastes Only

What: Physical Grafitti
Author: Anthony Dean

'LIFE is pain' screams the tattoo of pro skater JAMIE THOMAS on the front cover of sport/body modification movie PHYSICAL GRAFFITI. This succinct tattoo gives the potential viewer an idea of what they might find in thisadrenalin-charged showcase of skating, surfing, snowboarding, BMX and dirt biking.

Narrated by JIM ROSE of JIM ROSE CIRCUS SIDESHOW fame, this video compiles snippets of some of the best parts of extreme fare such as the WHISKEY 911 videos (skating), CRUSTY DEMONS (dirt biking), and BLACK FLYS (surfing) and melds them together in a non-stop barrage of outlandish stunts and extreme body modification (check out the guy with the skull plate!)

See CHRISTIAN FLETCHER nail a guy's scrotum to a wooden board; see SHAUN PALMER jump his snowboard over a moving freight train!

Due to the graphic nature of the body mutilation this compilation has been given an over-18s R rating and should be viewed with a bucket of ice at the ready and an ambulance on standby.

If you're the curious type with strong intestinal fortitude take the plunge and have your eyes opened to a whole different world.

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