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Show in Town by Demand

Show in Town by Demand

What: By Demand

PAY television presenters PAULA MCGRATH and ANDREW GUNSBERG will be in Newcastle on Tuesday, May 23, to record a segment for the CHANNEL V flagship music program BY DEMAND. According to Channel V, Australia's 24-hour, daily music television program, the pair are in town to respond to viewers e-mails.

Channel V publicist VIV FANTIN said two as-yet-unnamed Newcastle viewers wrote to Channel V and invited the crew to town to 'show the crew around the city'.

'It will be up to the viewers as to where the segment will be filmed,' Fantin said.

The segment will appear during an upcoming episode of By Demand which goes to air between 4.30pm and 7.30pm six days a week (except Sundays).

And for budding media types, Channel V will be auditioning nationally for presenters in June.

'Previous television experience is not necessary,' the ad reads.

There's more info on-line at www.channelv.com.au TE

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