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Pop Rock:

Pop Rock:

Who: Iota
Where: SJ's on Beaumont
When: Wednesday March 15, 2000

GET in the van for an iOTA tour and it is likely you'll find yourself sitting next to a chick who goes by the name of THE CANDLE ROADIE (that's her job) because that's how un-rock an iOTA gig is, man. But seriously, if you haven't seen and heard this amazing vocalist-guitarist by now, you really should get along on Wednesday, March 15, to SJ's Hotel. Think JEFF BUCKLEY, think BEN HARPER, think sexy, danceable folk'n'funk.

HONKY TONK: WEDNESDAY nights at Hamilton's 'Greenroof' Hotel have been jumping over the past few weeks with HONKY TONKIN' WEDNESDAYS, featuring BRUCE MCCUMSTIE'S resident BILLABONG BOOGIE BAND. Country, rock and a dose of 'Cajun swamp rock', are the ingredients for the honky tonk sounds which feature the voice of McCumstie, and CASSIE BASHFORD. The band includes the guitars and harmonica of JESSE DELANEY, and the keyboard of livewire performer AMMIEL WARNER. Catch the crew tonight and every second Wednesday.

POP DIVA: WHEN she sang IT'S ONLY THE BEGINNING we knew she meant it. Gorgeous, talented and with something to say, DEB CONWAY is returning to Newcastle on Thursday, April 6, with a new CD, a new record deal and a full band. More details as they come to hand.

SMILEY DIALS: YOU'VE heard them at The Cambridge on Wednesday nights, now the all-original duo THE DREAMCATCHERS is settling in for a month-long residency at The Delany on Sunday afternoons in March from 6pm until 8pm. Later this month The Dreamers are headed to the Swansea Hotel, on Thursday, March 23, with a fortnightly residency kicking in next month at the Newcastle Workers Club. Catch the band soon and you'll be guaranteed of goose bumps and a big smile on your dial.

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