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Music Fans Get Scoops of Icecream

Music Fans Get Scoops of Icecream

Who: Ice Cream Hands
Where: University - Bar on the Hill
When: Thursday April 6, 2000

ICECREAM usually makes a great dessert, but rock band ICECREAM HANDS is about to show Newcastle audiences why it's a great entree.

The band will support THE WHITLAMS on its east coast tour in April, stopping to serve up a few scoops of music for fans at Newcastle University on Thursday, April 6.

ICECREAM HANDS released SWEETER THAN RADIO in September last year.

The result is an album that is charming, melodic and contemplative.

ICECREAM HANDS singer and songwriter Chuck Jenkins said the album was full of good songs that fell together quickly.

Bass player Douglas Lee Robertson, drummer Derek Smiley and singer Chuck Jenkins have combined to create their best album to date.

'The tunes are mostly on the upside, we've learnt how to write songs better and have found a common ground in our style of music,' Jenkins said.

'There was a lot of emotion and thought put into the music. And we want to show how different we sound live and how these songs sound different to those on an album.'

Despite the emotion behind the music, Jenkins insists there was not a set theme behind the album.

'It's not a concept record just a collection of songs written at a certain place and a certain time,' he said.

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