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Rock and Roll really is Here to Stay

Rock and Roll really is Here to Stay

Who: The Delltones
Where: Club Phoenix
When: Saturday April 8, 2000

AFTER more than 40 years in the music industry THE DELLTONES have managed to survive without losing their touch with audiences.

In fact they haven't only survived but have flourished in the world of rock'n'roll.

And Newcastle fans will get to see why when the Aussie rock group performs at Phoenix on April 8.

Tickets to the gig cost $22 and can be bought from the club.

When four young surfers started playing at the Bronte Surf Club in 1958, they were an instant hit with Australians.

Young, fresh and enthusiastic with creamy harmonies punctuated by the booming bass tones of 'Pee Wee Wilson' THE DELLTONES were humorous and most importantly entertaining.

Australian rock icon JOHNNY O'KEEFE was instrumental in giving the band the chance to appear in front of live audiences.

Consequently the group regularly appeared in the charts in 1961 when they were briefly snapped up by the Coronet and EMI labels.

The following year they produced a run of hits that made them a household name, pumping out songs like Get a Little Dirt on Your Hands.

Lead singer Noel Weiderberg died in a car accident in 1963.

THE DELLTONES like other popular acts of the '50s and '60s also faced the problem of being swept aside by popular British acts like THE BEATLES By the end of its first decade together the group had recorded 18 singles and five albums in Australia and played on every known television show.

But by the early 1970s the age of rock festivals was over and THE DELLTONES found themselves in limbo, and disbanded.

Revival music was booming in 1983 and the group took advantage of it, coming together to record demos for what would be its first album in more than a decade.

Despite the ups and downs the popularity of THE DELLTONES has continued to grow, and the band still appeals to a wide variety of audiences today.

And in a way THE DELLTONES reflect why the appeal of rock'n'roll will never die.

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