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Milk Flows at SJs

Milk Flows at SJs

Who: Deadstar
Where: SJ's on Beaumont
When: Thursday March 30, 2000

FOLLOWING the release of its self-titled album, DEADSTAR now unleash MILK and lots of it.

And the rock group is coming to Newcastle to perform the hits from the new album at SJ's Hotel, Hamilton, on March 30.

MILK takes a look into the band's skewed outlook on urban life, and is an album full of sublime contradictions. The new album takes a few steps forward from DEADSTAR's first album, retaining the same energy but directing it into a more focused group of songs.

Band member Barry Palmers said MILK was an album that had a lot of varied songs.

'It's pop music that goes off on all sorts of tangents, Deadstar tangents,' he said.

MILK remains an album that is difficult to categorise, which is something the band wants.

But the combination of Palmers' guitar work, and the vocal capabilities of Caroline Kennedy, let the audience know the music is none other than DEADSTAR

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