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Comedy, French Style

Comedy, French Style

What: Tartuffe

A COMICAL look at the hypocrisy in religion was the basis for a controversial play by an 18th-century French playwright.

TARTUFFE (or L'IMPOSTER) by Moliere opens at the Newcastle Repertory Club on Wednesday, March 1.

Moliere is regarded as one of France's greatest comic dramatists having produced satirical plays for King Louis XIV.

TARTUFFE, meaning hypocrite in English, shows hypocrisy in religion and clergy praying on blind faith.

The play traces the attempted seduction of a merchant's wife by a priest, TARTUFFE, who cons his way into the household of Orgon.

TARTUFFE is showing on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8.15pm until March 25, matinees will be held on March 12 and 19 at 2pm.

TE has a double pass to TARTUFFE to give away. To go in the draw mail an envelope with your name, address, and telephone number on the back of an envelope to TARTUFFE give away, PO Box 615, Newcastle 2300.

Or enter on-line at www.nnp.com.au

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