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Brothers Rolling in Fresh Soap

Brothers Rolling in Fresh Soap

Who: Robertson Brothers
Where: Club Phoenix
When: Saturday June 10, 2000

AS the new singers of the theme song to the international hit soap HOME & AWAY, the ROBERTSON BROTHERS are now seen and heard by hundreds of millions of television viewers around the world.

It's a fact that BEN and GEOFF ROBERTSON take in their stride - 'it was a good little bonus for us' - but then this is not their first brush with fame.

In the past the Robertson Brothers have toured with ELO, AMERICA and JOHN DENVER. 'Mate, that was a great experience for us. We learnt a lot,' Ben says.

'We were able to travel around and hang out with the guys and it was a big thrill for us because we grew up on that sort of thing, because our father was right into it.'

The three-part male harmonies are in great demand in session work, which is how the group landed the Home & Away gig.

But the trio's singing career is taking off in its own right.

This Saturday night all three Robertson brothers, Ben, Geoff and Stuart, will perform at Phoenix for KO-FM to support their latest single ALL I WANT IS YOU through EMI.

In December THE LAST LOVE SONG debuted at number 39 on the singles charts.

In the meantime Home & Away is not harming the recording career.

'It was just the perfect thing because it coincided with our release through EMI, and it was a good little bonus for us,' Geoff said.


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