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Music Repeats With a Ditto

Music Repeats With a Ditto

Who: Ditto
Where: Delany Hotel
When: Friday June 23, 2000

TAKE a closer look at Newcastle cover band DITTO, performing at the Delany Hotel this Friday night and The Castle on Saturday night.

Where's that bass player you can hear? And yes, you probably did hear an invisible horn section accompanying the group.

Ditto uses computerised sequencers to recreate the bass parts, which is kept in sync with a live drummer, who uses a click track to stay in time with the computerised bass.

Not surprisingly the band favours music of the 1980s, the era when electronic music pioneered in the 1970s became the mainstream.

With the sequencers in the equation Ditto enhances its live band sound by adding electronic brass sections and other effects. But on some nights Ditto even makes its drummer DAVID PEARSON invisible, transforming into the SCRIBBLE trio.

Scribble is Ditto's ANDREW JONES on lead vocals, BEN PETTETT on guitar and CHRIS KING on keyboards. Scribble will perform tonight at the Ducks Nuts Hotel, tomorrow at the Prince Of Wales Hotel and Sunday at The Kent. TE

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