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Solid Sound: With Legs

Solid Sound: With Legs

Who: Hot and Bothered
Where: Cardiff Panthers
When: Friday June 23, 2000

THERE'S duos and there's duos, but according to GILES SMITH from HOT & BOTHERED the only kind of duo worth being in is the one where the performer is in total control.

That means you won't hear the same backing tracks being used by Hot & Bothered that you can hear being played down the road by other duos.

'We do our own programming, unlike the others who buy their stock standard MIDI files,' Smith said. 'And you won't hear the same versions that everyone else is doing.'

Smith, who plays guitar, programs everything from the bass and drums to a full horn and string section for Hot & Bothered.

Other duos resort to buying their backing tracks from other programmers or over the Internet.

For these duos getting hold of new material can mean waiting months for programs to become available. Hot & Bothered is able to program more of the current tracks as soon as they hit the airwaves.

'We're always looking for new, decent songs that sound pretty solid and as if they might have some legs,' he said.

Playing on Friday night at the Cardiff Workers Club and Saturday night at Hamilton RSL Club, Smith and vocalist and NICOLE BEIGER are accompanied by fully sequenced backing.

The duo covers songs by SHANIA TWAIN, KILLING HEIDI, AC/DC, SANTANA and MELISSA ETHERIDGE, to name only a few of hundreds of titles. TE

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