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Mofo's Back

Mofo's Back

Who: Machine Gun Fellatio
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Saturday February 12, 2000

THOSE crazy MOFOS ON THEIR MOTORCYCLES, the inimitable MACHINE GUN FELLATIO, will return to the Northern Star Hotel this Saturday night, high on the success of a place in this year's TRIPLE J HOTTEST 100, this time under their own name.

MOFO ON A MOTORCYLE may have only been added to the voting list two weeks before the closing date, but it still managed to get right up there at number 59, only 21 behind CHUNKY CHUNKY AIR GUITAR by THE WHITLAMS which the band co-wrote.

The year before MGF co-wrote The Whitlam's NO APHRODISIAC, which was the Hottest 100's number one song for 1999.


CHECK out the Hunter On Hunter on Friday where Cronulla hardcore band THROWDOWN will be mixing it up with Newie acts CONATION and WISEHIEMER from 9.30pm for three bucks. Value.

Then on Saturday night return to see the guitar punishing CABIN FEVER versus Sydney band MURDER while Newie undercards ELBOW DEEP and THE VIPER ROOM EXPERIMENT, battle it out for door duty, from 9pm for $4. Life is good.


FOR those of us with modems fast enough, RAM to burn and the patience for the less than brilliant quality of streaming media content, footage of the BIG DAY OUT Melbourne concert will continue to be broadcast live through the TELSTRA YOUTH WEBSITE at www.telstra.com.au/yell, until the end of the month.


HAVE you ever caught the train to Maitland, stepped off at High St station, and walked back towards the river, then down Elgin St?

You might've seen The Clubhouse Hotel, a Friday and Saturday night party pit, which always seems to be pumping with rock'n'roll, with party people spilling over at the edges.

Well. This weekend they're relaunching their renovations, called the SOHO BAR, and to celebrate this Friday night they've New York singer LISA HUNT (who recorded on MARK 'DIESEL' LIZOTTE'S new album, and LITTLE HORNET.


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