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Little Ray of Sugar a Big Difference

Little Ray of Sugar a Big Difference

Who: Sugar Ray, Live
Where: Newcastle Entertainment Centre
When: Wednesday March 8, 2000

WHEN LIVE roll into the Newcastle Entertainment Centre on Wednesday, March 8, with their big cranky arena rock, at least they'll have a support band with them that knows how to have fun.

That band is SUGAR RAY, whose sound draws from influences including 'surf music, hip hop, reggae, soul, beat rockabilly, supalite punkness, scratch heavy, cocktail pop-funk, ska and rock'n'roll'.

We all loved their song EVERY MORNING. That song that went to number one in the US.

Well, did you know that for a decade Sugar Ray was just another posse of would-be jocks, playing super-fast chords for surfers, before the appearance of their lead singer?

It's true. Next thing the singer pops up on the cover of COSMOPOLITAN'S ALL ABOUT MEN issue, or something.

All of a sudden, their album FLOORED and the hit song FLY appeared on the airwaves, attached to a funky bunch of martini-swilling party animals whom we embraced.

'Vive la difference!', we all said, and the punks slipped in the back door, doing their lounge act, laughing all the way to the bank. TE

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