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Yeah, Blame it on the Weird Guy

Yeah, Blame it on the Weird Guy

Who: Supaslide
Where: Fanny's
When: Thursday February 3, 2000

NEWCASTLE band SUPASLIDE has produced a three-song EP IT'S MY FAULT/THE WEIRD GUY, which shows a band that has strong musicianship but needs to take its songs back to the drawing board.

The band is described as 'guitar-based Australian rock with a blues influence', claiming influences as diverse as CREAM, to RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE to 'funk, jazz and fusion'.

It's difficult to see how the band arrived at its sound given what it claims as its influences. Still the group, which plays tomorrow night at Fanny's, is competent enough, putting on a technically proficient display at the Newcastle University band comp finals last year.

The CD was recorded at Cloud Studios, Wyong, last April and opens with big, slow rocker It's My Fault, which lumbers along, before arriving at a fancy schmancy lead break.

It is repetitious, lacks melody, and at four minutes is too long for a tune without changes and little progression.

THE WEIRD GUY is reminiscent of the early 1990s version of the JEREMY OXLEY led SUNNYBOYS from the WILDCAT album.

On this track, lead singer BEN ASQUITH offers medium-paced tunes tinged with regret, and just a hint of ha-ha-heart breakin', country twang.

This is the standout with a better feel for melody but again goes too long for radio, where with a little work Supaslide could have half a chance at airplay.

BLUE CHUNKS , surprise surprise, is the same tempo as the other three tracks. Lots more wocka-wocka, wah-pedal guitar effects, and that repetitious riff.

Halfway through the song picks up pace with what threatens to be a change of tempo and key but in less than 30 seconds we are back into the first half of the song.

The verdict? Supaslide is like an overfertilised, untrained, firmly planted bush that, with pruning, should bear fruit next season.

TE has five copies of IT'S MY FAULT/THE WEIRD GUY to give away.

To go in the draw mail an envelope, with your name, address and telephone number on the back, to SUPASLIDE GIVEAWAY, PO Box 615, Newcastle, 2300. Enter on-line at www.nnp.com.au TE

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