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Ciao Carlos: Wog Rock to the world!

Ciao Carlos: Wog Rock to the world!

Who: Carlos Hopontopofus
Where: Adamstown RSL Club
When: Friday March 3, 2000

AFTER a successful five year one-man show at THE WOG ROCK CAFE, the venue's star CARLOS HOPONTOPOFUS is taking his show on the road.

Beginning on March 3 at Adamstown RSL Club the show, HOPONTOPOFUS TONIGHT, will be 'like a tonight show where Carlos gets the crowd involved', according to Hopontopofus's handler ANTHONY LEE. For $30 the show will include a three course meal, and as well as a 'selection of TOM JONES numbers, uptempo vibey songs, a dazzling light show and audience participation'.

Hopontopofus, not known for his modesty, subtlety, or command of the English language, describes himself as 'Greece's most famous karaoke singer, the world's most fabulous man, and great stupastar (sic)'.

'After doing my world incontinent (sic) tour, via satellite to 100 million pimples (sic), I will be taking my huge extravaganza to Adamstown RSL,' he said.

His 'beautiful sidekick' THE BEAUTIFUL PINA will also appear on stage, although its difficult to understand why she still puts up with his ego.

'She's from the Isle of Crete, and she's the most beautiful Cretan I've ever seen,' Hopontopofus said.

Tickets are on sale this week. Bookings essential. =4952-3888. TE

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