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New Labour of Love

New Labour of Love

Who: Brien McVernon
Where: Lake Macquarie Tavern
When: Saturday February 19, 2000

GUITAR soloist and songwriter BRIEN MCVERNON, who became a father for the third time at the beginning of February, is already thinking about his next baby - a 20-year retrospective CD.

Playing this Friday at Club Tuggerah, Saturday at Lake Macquarie Tavern and Sunday at Marks Point Bowling Club, McVernon said the disc to be recorded this year would feature songs from his 20 years in the music game.

'I'd like to pick out a favourite dozen,' McVernon said.

A definite inclusion would be LOVELAND, a song he wrote in the late 1980s for RAIDING PARTY which went to number seven on the NEW-FM charts.

Other groups McVernon has performed in include SODA JERKS, CIRCUS LIFE, PHANTOM AGENTS, LIPP SYSTEM and THE HAPPY DIALS. These days McVernon is pursuing a career in country music, and last year released an album ON THE ROAD, which he toured at the Tamworth Country Music Festival.

However, the impending arrival of baby daughter VIENNA last week meant McVernon wasn't able to attend the festival for the first time in seven years.

Instead, McVernon was by the side of wife Nadine, looking after sons Phoenix, 4, and Saylor, 3.

McVernon proudly says both boys intend (this week at least) to play rock'n'roll rather than soccer and cricket when they grow up, just like dad. TE

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