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Days on Road Over for O'Hara

Days on Road Over for O'Hara

Who: Kevin O'Hara
Where: Cessnock Ex Services Club
When: Sunday December 10, 2000

GLOBE-TROTTING Novocastrian musician KEVIN O'HARA has been back in Newcastle for nearly three years after spending 10 years on the road in Europe.

Performing this Sunday at Cessnock Ex-Services Club, O'Hara plays classic hits to current chart toppers, using an acoustic guitar with sequenced backing.

Leaving his home town for the lures of travel, O'Hara established himself as a musician and performer in Europe.

In Newcastle he was recognised for his work with MARGUERITE & THE KOOKA BROS and local GREG BRYCE in TOE JAMMERS. He used his experience to carve a career in London and Europe, showcasing his original songwriting in BIG RED, with which he toured and recorded three albums. Later he occupied SPARTZEN EXPRESS. Returning to Newcastle, his solo performances have won him notoriety for a knack of drawing in an audience.

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