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Rockers Wheatus Holding Their Title

Rockers Wheatus Holding Their Title

Who: Wheatus
Where: Newcastle Panthers
Author: Anthony Scully
When: Friday December 22, 2000

Singer songwriter BRENDAN B. BROWN, from American alternative rockers WHEATUS, admitted that he writes songs such as TEENAGE DIRTBAG by coming up with the title first and the lyrics later.

Wheatus, performing an all-ages concert at Newcastle Workers Club on Friday, December 22, have become overnight international stars since penning the hit, which appeared on the soundtrack to teen flick LOSER. 'A title came first and the story followed,' Brown said.

'That's my favourite way to do stuff, the title is an emotional blueprint for the song.'

The song by Brown, his drummer brother Peter and friends MIKE MCCABE on bass and PHIL A. JIMENEZ on percussion entered the ARIA Top 100 singles chart at number 15.

Featuring a B-side called LOVE IS A MUTT FROM HELL, the track jumped to number one seven weeks later.

Other album tracks have included the 'acoustic folk rap' song WANNABE GANGSTER and HUMP 'EM DUMP 'EM, apparently inspired by US President BILL CLINTON. Major label COLUMBIA RECORDS signed the band, but took the unusual step of allowing Wheatus to self-produce its debut.

'We were still working day jobs and recording the album at 1am in the morning,' Brown said.

Wheatus will be supported in Newcastle by LO-TEL and WAIKIKI.

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