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And Now for Something Different

And Now for Something Different

What: I Can't Believe It's Not Rock
Author: Anthony Scully

THE record label ELEVEN started by SILVERCHAIR'S manager JOHN WATSON has released its first product - a collaborative effort recorded at DANIEL JOHNS' Merewether home recording studio.

The collaboration with PAUL MAC is called I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S NOT ROCK, a studio-only project that will be released via the Internet and through silverchair's fan club.

'When we were making this music we never thought anybody else would ever hear it,' Mac said.

'It was just stuff we were doing for ourselves. Once it was done though we liked how it had turned out so we started talking about releasing it even though, as the name suggests, it probably isn't what people expect from either of us.'

Mac, best known as the name behind dance music act ITCH-E & SCRATCH-E, helped Johns install a home studio in a house the silverchair singer has bought in Merewether.

The pair recorded a song RAIN at Mac's studio in the Blue Mountains. Several months later they recorded HOME and STAGING A TRAFFIC JAM in Newcastle.

'I had a lot of fun making this music with Paul and I'm really proud of how it sounds but it's obviously not going to appeal to everybody,' Johns said.

It's a different sort of project so it makes sense to release it in a different sort of way.'

The music can be heard and bought from www.icantbelieveitsnotrock.com

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