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Loony Band on the Fringe of Fun

Loony Band on the Fringe of Fun

Who: Loonatic Fringe
Where: Aberdare Tavern 'Pedens' Cessnock
When: Sunday December 24, 2000

ON the nights they try to be funny, musicians DAVE CARTER and PAUL ELLIOT from covers duo LOONATIC FRINGE often have audience scratching their heads in wonder.

This Sunday at the Aberdare Tavern, Cessnock, 'The Loonies' can be found entertaining audiences with their whacked-out sense of humour and a musical act which is strong on audience participation.

'Like most mates we like to be entertaining to each other first, you know, in the car on the way to the gig, and continue to be once we're there on stage,' Carter said.

'People often come up to us after the show and say, You guys are a crack-up" and we haven't even been trying. Other nights we try to be funny and people just shake their heads at us and go, What are you guys doing?"'

The act has been described as 'live karaoke' because Carter and Elliot do not discourage audience members from joining the fun on stage.

Carter jokes that the duo's joke writer is actually someone he calls 'MR TOOHEYS'. 'He's the guy who makes the beer,' Carter quips.

'Without alcohol we don't even sound good, let alone appear to be funny, and that's just if you're in the audience!'. TE

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