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Runners Missed Out on New Talent

Runners Missed Out on New Talent

Who: Luke, Schlauncer, Lachesis
Author: Kieran Wicks

IT was a pity to see how many people left SJ's after the first band LUKE, which put on a hot performance and eventually won the night's competition. Hard rockers Luke deserved to win, as their set was more of a performance.

They were all having a great time, really keeping it together when it counted, and the audience showed its appreciation all night. I really must get a copy of their demo as they have some really cool stuff.

Lead singer/guitarist Corey's vocal sound and patterns remind me of HUNTERS & COLLECTORS.

Those who left missed out on seeing what XPOZAY is really all about - exposing new talent.

I could understand people walking out during HEADSPACE'S rock-cliched set but they then missed out on seeing a couple of bands that were unique.

The most original band that I have seen in quite a while was SCHLAUNCHER. No-one really knew what to expect when they brought a TV and a Sony Playstation on stage.

I had heard that you could make music with these toys but I didn't expect to actually see a live band with them. I don't know if these guys were trying to be funny but they were!

Front man Gerant, who looks like something from the 1970s, kept the crowd entertained with his JIM MORRISON-like stage rant, and their music was mellow but with industrial styling.

LACHESIS was a fine bunch of musicians, only let down by a lack of stage show, which was a shame as the band writes some really good music.

Those vocals were amazing, and when the sound guy eventually got it right, you could tell these guys had real talent. A few more live shows and they will be one of Newie's best.

As usual DJ MITCH kept the commercial breaks snore-free with the best in local and international alternate tunes.

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