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Some promising punk helps others limp home

What: Expozay Band Competition
Where: SJ's on Beaumont
Author: Kieran Wicks
When: Friday August 11, 2000

Expozay Band Competition, SJ's Hotel, Thursday, August 11. Heat Nine. FIRST cab off the rank was SCHINDLERS PIST whose own mix of British and American punk was rather well received by the audience. They didn't really let go though, not nearly as much as SEVENTH DAWN who was up next.

Seventh Dawn definitely had a feel for their music but unfortunately it was of the KORNY/BIZKIT variety, and frankly that has become extremely limp in my opinion.

How can I describe the third band BUTTAHEAD? They were different that's for sure. With some cool vocal effects and weird keyboards they tended to play heavier music, which if it were more polished would have been more appealing.

If you like the melodic guitar lines of METALLICA, especially the earlier stuff, you would probably have liked the fourth band VIRUS CRAWL. I really liked the drummer's singing and he should do a bit more. I wouldn't mind hearing a good quality recording of them with a bit more lead guitar work to complete their sound.

But no other band has impressed me as much in this year's competition as heat nine's winner BEYOND THE TREELINE. Excellent use of dynamics and well thought-out structures got them across the line. Their stage show is full of personality especially that of lead singer/guitarist BEN DONALD. The band lists a couple of Newie's best as their favourites (STRENGTH TO STRENGTH and LIQUAFACTION). I'd love to hear a recording from Beyond the Treeline.

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