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Pilot Shows State of the Art

What: Vibe Productions
Author: Kim Honan

ENTRANTS in the State final of the University Band Competition, held last week at the University of Newcastle, have been filmed for a television pilot.

VIBE PRODUCTIONS, a Hunter production company funded by the Newcastle University Union, filmed bands before and during the State final.

Producer DAVID HEWSON said footage would be cut together for use in a music video show.

'(The documentary) will provide an expose on the State final to be delivered in a documentary format to various networks,' Mr Hewson said.

It was not known when the documentary would go to air.

Newcastle band LIQUAFACTION was one of the six finalists filmed for the project.

Each band played for a set length of 20 minutes, and was judged on musicianship, originality, creativity, audience participation and stage presentation.

Newcastle University Union marketing manager MARK BIRMINGHAM said the point of the band competition was to nurture original music. It was the first time in nine years that Newcastle University had hosted the State final.

He said previous national winners such as JEBEDIAH, THE SIMPLETONS and STORY TIME had achieved greater success.

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