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Marcia Will Give You The Time of Your Life

Marcia Will Give You The Time of Your Life

Who: Marcia Hines
Where: Western Suburbs Leagues Club
Author: Anne-Marie Wilcock
When: Friday August 25, 2000

GIVE in to the seductive mix of rhythm and blues, performed by the irrepressible MARCIA HINES , at Western Suburbs Leagues Club on Friday, August 25.

Fresh from her latest album, TIME OF OUR LIVES , MARCIA HINES is back with the album's namesake, the pop/soul/dance number TIME OF OUR LIVES .

HINES said the album, her first in four years, was a milestone in her career.

'I believe this record will be a formidable milestone in my career for many reasons,' she said.

'When you get to your 40s you should really know who you are and what it is you want.

'I do it because it's my primal scream and if I didn't do it, I'm sure I'd be somewhere in a straitjacket.'

HINES enlisted the help of the ROCKMELONS for the album.

The ROCKMELONS' Byron Jones said the minute HINES sang a song they knew its fate.

Jones took a trip around the world in search of songs, and the entire process took two years.

'I'm relatively shy, and it was hard at first to just go wah! and really sing,' Hines said.

'We demoed a lot of songs and worked hard in the studio.

'There were tears and everything, because I wanted to be very, very good; we kept pushing the envelope.'

They listened to songs and tried more than 50 so this album will reward listeners with its scope and sounds.

From the remake of an old Hines favourite, I GOT THE MUSIC IN ME , to DIANE WARREN'S WHEN YOU CRY , TIME OF OUR LIVES is a bold mix of influences.

'We went around the world,' Hines said.

'At least my voice did.'

Tickets are on sale now from the Leagues Club or on 4935-1200.

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