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Jazz of Ages Shining Bright

Jazz of Ages Shining Bright

Who: 10th Avenue Jazz Band
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Thursday August 24, 2000

The seven members of the 10TH AVENUE JAZZ BAND are not your typical teenage band bursting with enthusiasm over the prospect of reaching glorious musical heights.

Picture the clumsy, youthful vigour of a new VW and then a sleek, stylish Porsche that bursts along the freeway with one touch of the pedal.

The 10TH AVENUE JAZZ BAND is a finely tuned Porsche of the music world.

10TH AVENUE will be playing at the Northern Star Hotel on Thursday August 24 from 7.30pm, admission is $6.

Individually, each of the seven band members would shine.

Together they explode.

Working off the motto 'Hot & Cool Jazz for the 21st Century', these guys can play anything within physical limits.

From playing the Milenburg Joys as a sixties rock tune, and At A Jazz Band Ball as a funky, modern street beat, to All My Lovin' as jazz, you name the style and these guys will roar through it.

Their list of international appearances is impressive - including China, England, Morocco, Norway, Russia, Canada, Scotland, Wales, Mexico, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

RECLAIM THE UNIVERSITY: Past, present and future students of Newcastle are invited to the mega Resurgence on-campus festival planned for Wednesday August 30.

Run by the Newcastle University Students Association (NUSA), the festival will be a chance for NUSA to give something back to students and will also promote the ideal of the University as a public space of learning for all the community.

Resurgence is a remake of the old festival, The Big Noise, revamped after a year's hiatus.

Invitations to various high schools are already in the mail.

Activities on the day will include dancing, workshops, markets, bands, information stalls, food, cultural activities and more.

The free event will be held on the No.1 sportsfield from noon until late.

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