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Fat Funk Sound Shoots From Hip

Fat Funk Sound Shoots From Hip

Who: Head Poppin' Fattness
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Friday August 18, 2000

THE music of HEAD POPPIN FATTNESS, playing at the Cambridge Hotel on Friday night, may send your running for a dictionary, but it won't do any good.

This hip hop crew has invented a language all its own to describe the sounds that took it to the top three of the University of Newcastle band competition grand final.

The band's website, at www.headpoppinfattness.da.ru, describes the group as a 'three-piece hardcore funk outfit' with hip hop influences.

'The music cuts seamlessly between tempo changes, feel changes, time changes and the heads of unsuspecting folk,' the site says.

'... to cut a more complex rhythmical canvas over which the Blades (Bloch brothers) paint in their superfly inimitable macfatt poo-daddy jzahmnistic style.'

The group is JUSTIN CRUICKSHANK on guitars and vocals, MICHAEL and SHANE BLOCH on lead vocals and percussion, MATT SHIELDS on drums and GRANT MEARS on bass guitar.

Head Poppin' Fattness travels with its own breakdancing troupe called THE STAWM BREAK CREW, which has to be unique in Newcastle.

'The sum total is an energetic sound that will push the Newcastle original music scene to enter the fatosphere,' the site says.

'The strong connection between the vocalists blows the tightness knob off the box as all five players lock into fat, funky beats and rhymes.'

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