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Seven seize your ears with new CD

Seven seize your ears with new CD

Who: Seven
Where: SJ's on Beaumont
Author: Sam Bartlett
When: Wednesday August 23, 2000

THINK KORN, LIMP BIZKIT, TESTEAGLES, PRIMUS, INCUBUS, and just about every other metal-rap-funk-rock band out there, and put all these influences into one band.

Try it and you just may come up with the sound of a little-known Aussie band called SEVEN, playing Wednesday, August 23, at SJ's Hotel.

Since forming in 1998 in Lismore NSW, Seven has carved out a reputation for itself as one of Australia's most promising new bands.

The band was on the TRIPLE J compilation FULL METAL RACKET, where it delivered a combination of heavy riff driven funk and melodic groove to a wide audience.

Their new eight-track CD, confidently titled SUPERIORITY COMPLEX (MGM DISTRIBUTION) is promising.

But it fails to leave the mark of other exciting new Aussie bands of the genre like SUPERHEIST or the Testeagles, or American newcomers SEVENDUST. The opening track CRACK IT, while powerful with a catchy riff, sounds a lot like a Testeagles number with a poorly chosen electronic sample to accompany the heavy guitars.

The pace picks up little with track two ADMISSION, with its feral guitars and melody driven chorus line, proves why these lads were chosen to support metal gods SOULFLY on its Australian tour.

Vocals fail to grab you or make your ears prick up like Incubus or Korn do, and sound very similar to MIKE PATTON of FAITH NO MORE and MR BUNGLE fame.

A lot of material on this album is derivative. The opening riff in WHAT ABOUT THE WORLD? makes me wonder whether JON BON JOVI is a secret member of Seven.

This album is not a total sellout however, with highlights being the cool and well orchestrated guitar solo on GIVE ME BACK MY GUN and the funky bass that permeates Seven's music.

Fans of the more well known bands may enjoy this fast and furious outing, but those searching for a little more originality should look elsewhere.

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