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Centuries of Singing

Centuries of Singing

Who: The Song Company
Where: Newcastle City Hall
When: Friday August 18, 2000

GROUP singing has entered and departed fashion overs the centuries, but THE SONG COMPANY uses mostly 'jazzy close harmony' settings to explore hundreds of years of its development.

Playing on Friday night at the Newcastle City Hall, The Song Company will take audiences through hundreds years of singing, covering 'madrigals' of the 16th century, 'catches or rounds' of the 17th century and the gospel-inspired revival in group singing from the 20th century.

Musical director ROLAND PEELMAN said the program dipped into history but was far from a dusty foray into the past.

'The popular tunes that The Song Company now sings in various arrangements would never use such sophisticated canonic techniques,' he said. 'Instead they use jazzy close harmony settings that fill the musical spectre harmonically and rhythmically.' Peelman will lead the six-member vocal group through two 40-minute sets, divided by an interval.

The Song Company features soprano RUTH KILPATRICK, soprano NICOLE THOMPSON, mezzo soprano JO BURTON, tenor PAUL MCMAHON, baritone MARK DONNELLY and bass baritone CLIVE BIRCH. Tickets at $45 include the show, hors d'oeuvres and a complimentary drink. TE

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