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INXS in Rice Spectacular

INXS in Rice Spectacular

What: Tim Rice's Concert Spectacular

CONFUSION about the nature of TIM RICE'S CONCERT SPECTACULAR has contributed to slower-than-expected ticket sales, according to Newcastle promoters ROCK CITY EVENT MARKETING. Publicists believe that the public may be uncertain about what to expect from the concert, which is being presented by the same producers as THE MAIN EVENT. Like The Main Event, which also featured ANTHONY WARLOW, the concert will be performed in-the-round, will feature an orchestra, and on this occasion a live band none other than INXS. Soloists include BACHELOR GIRL, ANTHONY WARLOW, KATE CEBERANO and DAVID ESSEX. One of the performers, IVA DAVIES from ICEHOUSE, told TE why the concert will be much bigger than The Main Event.

'Tim Rice is going to present it,' Davies said weeks ago.

'He's got some very interesting anecdotes about how some of these songs were written. There's one song for example about one song which apparently had an appalling history.'

Reluctant to spill the beans, Davies said the song may have been from JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, which began with 'a really horrible set of lyrics'.

'I think he's going to present the original embarrassing version of it,' Davies revealed.

The three-time Academy Award winner wrote three songs for Disney's THE LION KING as well as WINTERS TALE which was a hit for Essex.

Rice also wrote ALL TIME HIGH for the Bond film OCTOPUSSY, songs for ELVIS PRESLEY, ELAINE PAIGE and the musicals AIDA, STARMANIA and EL DORADO.

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