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Ready for a Howling Good Time

Ready for a Howling Good Time

Who: Wolverines
Where: Club Phoenix
When: Saturday April 15, 2000

SINCE hitting the stage at Tamworth Services Club in January 1994, golden guitar fever hit THE WOLVERINES in a big way.

And the guys in turn are about to hit Newcastle with a gig at Club Phoenix on Saturday, April 15.

The trio make music with an energy that translates just as well in recording as it does in a live venue.

With DARCY LEYEAR (vocals and lead guitar), CHRIS DOYLE (keyboards, harmonies) and JOHN CLINTON (drums, harmonies), the band look more like they've stepped out of Texas than Sydney.

In 1996, the band signed with Australia's leading country label ABC music, producing the first album GONNA RIDE ALL NIGHT LONG Its first single HOWL AT THE MOON put the band in the top five finalists for best group or duo category at the 1997 Toyota Tamworth Country Music Awards. TE

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