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Who Has The Largest Combined Rock Brain for Newcastle Music Trivia?

Who Has The Largest Combined Rock Brain for Newcastle Music Trivia?

What: Local Rock Music Trivia Quiz

If you think it's you then you could win a chunk of Newcastle music history.

Winners of our new weekly Newcastle rock music trivia quiz could ultimately win a limited edition, signed copy of the NEON BALLROOM book.

Winners of weekly prizes, of silverchair merchandise and various CDs from TE for runner-up entrants, will go in the final draw for the rare book.

More Newcastle rock music brains will provide questions in coming weeks.

To go in the draw mail an envelope, with your answers (numbered), your name, address and telephone number on the back, to ROCK BRAIN WEEK TWO GIVEAWAY, PO Box 615, Newcastle, 2300.

This week STEVE MAC (pictured) of LEEROY & THE RATS, FREAKSHOP and SHOE PHONE has provided us with the first weekly trivia questions.

Q.1: Rampagin' Roy Slaven (JOHN DOYLE) performed guest guitar on which locally produced recording?

Q.2: Former OZZY OSBOURNE/GARY MOORE/BLACK SABBATH bass player BOB DAISLEY recorded a track on the debut CD of which Newcastle group?

Q.3: Bob Daisley, DENNIS WILSON and which Newcastle drummer were known collectively as KHARVAS JUTE? Q.4: Which Newcastle band (circa 1975, influences played VANILLA FUDGE, RICK WAKEMAN, KING CRIMSON) featured in the early MEL GIBSON movie SUMMER CITY? Q.5: Which coastal location in the Hunter Region was Summer City filmed at?

Q.6: Which Hunter group fronted by keyboard player LEEROY HAMMOND backed blues legend BO DIDDLEY on successive Australian tours.

Q.7: THE SCREAMING JETS and JUDAS PRIEST once shared something integral to each group. What was it?

Q.8: Hunter drummer KERRY JACOBSEN, formerly of DV8, toured and recorded with which legendary Australian/New Zealand group?

Q.9: Which 1990s Australian electronic/rock group did LARRY VAN KREIDT (formerly of THE EIGHTY EIGHTS, MOTELS and BROADWAY) play guitar for?

Q.10: Who was the Hunter fellow who cried 'what about me'? What was his band called.

Q.11: SHANIA TWAIN'S bass player ANDY CICHON led which hard-rockin' early-1990s quartet which also featured CRAIG FOSTER and SCREAMING JETS guitarist IZZY OSMANOVICH? Q.12: Hunter glam rockers A RABBIT featured vocalist DAVE EVANS who was the original lead singer of which all-time classic, megastar rock band?

Q.13: AC/DC guitarist MALCOM YOUNG performed in which Newcastle acid rock group in the 1970s that had the same name as famous New York glam rockers?

Q.14: Name the two Hunter brothers who have repeatedly been invited to return to the East Coast Blues and Roots Music Festival with two bands? Name the brothers and the bands?

Q.15: Former WITCHDOCTORS members JOHN 'CHOC' ERIWATA and SIMON CHAPMAN toured with which Australian blues guitarist?

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