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Favours CD

Favours CD

Who: Favours For Each Other
Where: Wickham Park Hotel
When: Saturday April 29, 2000

FAVOURS FOR EACH OTHER will release its debut CD BUBBLES this Saturday night at a CABIN FEVER gig at the Wickham Park Hotel. Cabin Fever guitarist GEOFF MULLARD and Favours guitarist ANTHONY DEAN used to play together in SANDPAPER which will also play a set for the first time in about two years at the gig. Get there early though, it will begin at 9pm! Favours sound is raw, simplistic and catchy. The standout track is THE OP SHOP OF LOVE where the lead singer wails 'It's cheap, it's value, but I just can't seem to find you'. One of the band's early demo classics STORMY GIRL, a touching tale of a love between a man and his best friend, makes a welcome return. The nursery rhyme OLIVER CROMWELL gets a re-working and MONSTER may have you reaching for your copy of TALKING HEADS: 77. MORE PRAWN: OUT ON A LIMB has been taking rock to the suburbs, Edgeworth Tavern specifically, where it will return on May 20. This Saturday night, April 29, at The Cambridge Hotel, the travelling rock'n'roll road show presented by IGLOO RECORDING STUDIOS is bringing the fabulous STRENGTH TO STRENGTH (debut CD out soon) and ARMY OF PRAWNS (new songs) back into town, with an 8.30pm kick-off, featuring the debut performance of EX-PAT.

GRAND SLAM: EVERY Thursday night for the past 26 weeks almost 80 bands have battled it out to win a place in the BAND SLAM GRAND SLAM event which takes place tomorrow night at SJ's Hotel. Each week three bands performed a 30-minute set of original music, a score was calculated from judges' marks and audience votes, and winning bands collected a cash prize which increased every week they won. Three straight wins got you a BAND SLAM jackpot and a place in the GRAND SLAM. The five bands which scored a Band Slam were BOK CHOY, TWIN PSYCHE, NUBRIUM, UNDERSIDED and NOB. They will play tomorrow night for $1500 cash and $500 in recording time.

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