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Pennywise Down Under

Pennywise Down Under

Who: Pennywise
Where: Newcastle Panthers
When: Friday May 19, 2000

CALIFORNIAN punk band PENNYWISE loves coming to Australia. According to guitarist FLETCHER DRAGGE 'it's kinda like a good version of California'.

'It's a lot like California but without the attitude,' Dragge said. 'It's just a lot less violent.'

Pennywise, performing an over-18s gig at Newcastle Workers Club on Friday, May 19, loves Australia so much they've included a cover version on MEN AT WORK'S DOWN UNDER on their new album STRAIGHT AHEAD. 'We came down here and played it on tour and it went over really well,' he said.

'We recorded it and put it out only on the Australian and New Zealand release. It's cool. It's a funny song.'

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