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Who Has The Largest Combined Rock Brain for Newcastle Music Trivia?

Who Has The Largest Combined Rock Brain for Newcastle Music Trivia?

What: Silverchair Trivia Quiz

If you think it's you then you could win a chunk of Newcastle music history courtesy of this fellow and his fellow rock brains.

Winners of our new weekly Newcastle rock music trivia quiz could ultimately win a limited edition, signed copy of the NEON BALLROOM book.

Winners of weekly prizes, of silverchair merchandise and various CDs from TE for runner-up entrants, will go in the final draw for the rare book.

This week the mascot of THE LLAMA APPRECIATION SOCIETY (pictured) the official fan club of SILVERCHAIR, has provided us with the first weekly trivia questions.

More Newcastle rock music brains will provide questions in coming weeks.

To go in the draw mail an envelope, with your answers (numbered), your name, address and telephone number on the back, to ROCK BRAIN WEEK ONE GIVEAWAY, PO Box 615, Newcastle, 2300.

Q.1: What was the name of SILVERCHAIR at the time it won the NOMAD unsigned band competition on SBS?

Q.2: What was the name of BEN GILLIES and DANIEL JOHNS first band in fifth class?

Q.3: What was SILVERCHAIR'S first gig outside of Newcastle after being signed to MURMUR RECORDS? Q.4: What is the name of the Lake Macquarie Hotel where future manager JOHN WATSON took head of MURMUR RECORDS to see SILVERCHAIR, prompting the decision to sign the group?

Q.5: Where was the first SILVERCHAIR video (TOMORROW) filmed as the winning prize for the SBS television series Nomad?

Q.6: What was the name of the recent MARK PELLINGTON-produced/written/directed major motion picture starring JEFF BRIDGES and TIM ROBBINS. (Pellington produced silverchair's second Tomorrow video).

Q.7: Name the heavy metal drummer BEN GILLIES most respects.

Q.8: Name the drums and cymbals Gillies endorses?

Q.9: Name the venue in New York where silverchair played on the awning during the MTV Awards.

Q.10: The name of the part-time teacher who toured the world with SILVERCHAIR during 1997 while the members continued to study for their HSC?

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