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Recipe for Wild Night

Recipe for Wild Night

Who: Cheezcake
Where: SJ's on Beaumont
When: Wednesday April 26, 2000

SWEET-toothed rock group CHEEZCAKE will lure punters to SJ's Hotel on Wednesday, April 26, playing up a delicious dessert from the same cook book as LIMP BIZKIT and KORN. Hailing from the Gold Coast, these lads will add a dash of Byron Bay's SEVEN to the ingredients, with Newie group LUKE as a base.

Cheezcake drummer DAVE AMPHLETT (his aunts are CHRISSIE AMPHLETT and LITTLE PATTIE) recently accepted an offer from studio and dance music supremo JOSH ABRAHAMS to fill the drum seat on the next AMIEL DAMIENS album.

Other members of Cheezcake have been accepting offers to perform in other groups. Bass player CAM GRAY has played trombone of all things on the latest DAISYCUTTERS album.

Gray also appeared on the BIG DAY OUT stage with The Daisycutters set in Brisbane.

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