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Jarr'd Switch to Hunter Pays Off

Jarr'd Switch to Hunter Pays Off

Who: Jarr'd
Where: The Castle Tavern
When: Friday April 14, 2000

THEY'VE drawn a wide arc from Tamworth to Newcastle, via the Gold Coast, but Newcastle cover band JARR'D, playing this Friday night at The Castle, has settled into Novocastrian life.

With regular gigs at the Ducks Nuts Hotel, the Jolly Roger and The Castle, the three-year-old band has been living and working in Newcastle for the past six months.

Drummer KEVIN BERRYMAN said the group had done all it could do on the Gold Coast where they spent two years chasing the gig trail over most of the northern State.

Before that the group won the 1998 FENDER BATTLE OF THE BANDS in Coffs Harbour while living in Tamworth where its members grew up as school friends.

'We do the TRIPLE J, alternative-side covers and mix it up a bit so we're not the same as every other band,' Berryman said.

Other members are DANIEL MONTAIN on lead guitar, PAUL TAYLOR on lead vocals and rhythm guitar and BEAU HYDE on bass and vocals.

The group played its own songs on the VANS WARPED TOUR in Coffs Harbour, Byron Bay and the Gold Coast. Berryman says the group plays some of its own songs live.

'If they walk off the dance floor we go back to playing SEMI-CHARMED LIFE,' he said with a laugh.

'But our originals have been getting a better response than our covers.'

He described the original songs as 'kind of heavy, sort of like GRINSPOON, LIMP BIZKIT, 311 and RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, but it's got a nice melodic thing to it.'

Jarr'd will record a demo CD this year. TE

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