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Do yourself a favour

Do yourself a favour

Who: Favours For Each Other
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Saturday September 11, 1999

IF there's anything that embodies the cooperative nature of Newcastle music then FAVOURS FOR EACH OTHER, making its official debut this Saturday night, is it.

When drummer ANTHONY DEAN, of BUFO MARINUS and formerly of SANDPAPER, decided to try his hand at songwriting as a guitarist, his more experienced guitarist mates encouraged him.

'It's great that the guys have given me the opportunity and had faith in me because I didn't really have that much faith in myself as a guitarist,' Dean said.

Guitarist DAVID MINTER, of Bufo, HIGH TOWER and formerly THE BURNING GIRAFFES, plays bass in the band. Bufo singer and talented graphic designer JUSTIN HENDERSON (check out the posters!) sings in his own inimitable style.

Henderson's mate JIM HALLIGAN of SHOOT LUCY was interested in trying his hand at the drums.

After some low-key public rehearsals Favours For Each Other will debut this Saturday night supporting KARMA COUNTY at the Northern Star Hotel at 9pm (so be early!)

The result is a charming naivety, reminiscent of JONATHAN RICHMAN & THE MODERN LOVERS, which it's impossible not to like.

Dean says the music has been described as 'almost twee' and 'quirky'. The lyrics are about day-to-day stuff, but with a philosophical bent.

A highlight is a Henderson/Bufo collaboration GINGER BEER which is shared by THE AUSTRALIAN BEEF WEEK SHOW. TE

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