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I Spy Beach Babes

I Spy Beach Babes

Who: Spy Vs Spy
Where: SJ's on Beaumont
When: Wednesday September 29, 1999

AUSSIE rock legends SPY V SPY will be bidding farewell to Australia tonight with a bon voyage gig at SJ's.

The spies are heading off to sunny Brazil, home of daring red swimwear, near-nude beach volleyball and soccer-mad fans.

The band will be touring across the country from the golden paradise of Rio di Janeiro to the sprawling metropolis of Sao Paulo.

It's the spies' fifth tour of the Latin American paradise.

It may be more than 10 years since the band made the Sygna wreck at Stockton the subject of its ONE OF A KIND video, but their hard-rocking politically-aware songs like INJUSTICE, CREDIT CARDS and Don't Tear It Down still sound good today.

Admission for the show is only $5.

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