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Gunners Take Aim

Gunners Take Aim

Who: Machine Gun Fellatio
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Friday October 1, 1999

THERE'LL be unsound sounds by the truckload when the one and only MACHINE GUN FELLATIO bring their circus to the Northern Star Hotel on Friday.

Sick with the taste of sugar sweet pop bands or shoe-staring grunge wannabes?

Allow CHIT CHAT VON LOOPIN STAB to prescribe an unhealthy dose of medicinal musical mayhem.

He'll be backed by vocalist PINKY BEECROFT, extremely loud guitarist THREE K SHORT, and the fat and beefy bass lines of THE LOVE SHARK. Pinky sums up the band's sound thus:

'We were really trying for a Motown sound, but we failed,' Ms Beecroft said.

'What we've come up with is basically Ricky Martin on acid accidentally wandering into a Status Quo rehearsal.'

So how do MGF sound?

Well here's a hint, Chit Chat was co-writer on both the sensitive WHITLAMS ARIA Award winning ballad NO APHRODESIAC, and the hauntingly heartfelt TEX PERKINS song FAKE THAT EMOTION. He also spent the late 80s as frontman for VRAG, where he held audiences spellbound by smearing peanut and jam Goober across his naked chest.

Throw all that out the window, sweep up the broken, gooey pieces, whack it in a blender with some heavy dance grooves, cranky guitars and throbbing bass and you'll have some idea.

Although they are yet to become a household name, MGF's music has been popping up in strange places since 1997's ISAAC or FUZZ. That song used a sample of an atonal, out-of-time music fan asking a radio station to play the song that went 'da-da-da-dah! 'da-da-da-dah!'.

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