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Sophisticated, But the Barbs Remain

Sophisticated, But the Barbs Remain

Who: Diana ah Naid
Where: University - Bar on the Hill
When: Tuesday September 21, 1999

'DON'T get mad, get even' seems to be the motto for Australian singer-songwriter DIANNA AH NAID The 23-year-old told TE last week that most of the tracks of her new album I DON'T THINK I'M PREGNANT were responses to insults she had received.

The fiery songstress unveiled her new material to Hunter audiences at Newcastle University last week and will be back on October 9 supporting THE WHITLAMS at the Cambridge.

Ah Naid was thrust into the national spotlight two years ago when her self-made debut single I GO OFF received heavy airplay on Triple J.

It's a very different DIANNA AH NAID on this outing with a more sophisticated and developed sound, though the pointed barbs of her songwriting remain just under the surface.

'I GO OFF was done primarily on my own, I didn't have much money and I didn't have a band, or a studio, or a producer or anything,' Ah Naid said.

'This time around it's a completely different kettle of fish.'

With its full-tilt vocal delivery and powerful acoustic guitar strumming I GO OFF drew numerous comparisons with American artists like ALANIS MORISSETTE. 'I used to get really annoyed with that, but then I realised people like to be able to compare you to someone so they know whereabouts in the record shop to look for you or something,' Ah Naid said.

'Fortunately with this record we are not getting many comparisons with the angsty American girlie thing.

'It's getting a lot more recognition as a uniquely Australian release.'

The new single from the album PERFECT FAMILY gives an indication of the directions Ah Naid is taking her music.

With a full band and some studio polish now behind her Ah Naid is sounding more friendly to commercial radio.

But don't take the more mature sound as a sign Ah Naid is slowing down.

'I think the new record has a lot more stories, a lot more emotion but it's not necessarily all full-on stuff.

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