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Sideshow Leaves Hearing Intact

Sideshow Leaves Hearing Intact

Who: Viagra Falls
Where: The Catho Pub (Catherine Hill Bay Hotel)
When: Friday September 24, 1999

THEY made eardrums bleed as Ragmonster before changing their name to the more politically correct VIRUS CRAWL. Now Blacksmith's favourite musical sons are showcasing the softer side of Seattle with VIAGRA FALLS. Brothers PAUL and ADAM DIVER have started the duo as an acoustic sideshow to the grunge-metal VIRUS CRAWL. PAUL told TE the band would be playing a flood of acoustic favourites from the likes of GREEN DAY, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, SMASHING PUMPKINS, OASIS, NIRVANA, PEARL JAM and METALLICA. He said the brothers' main focus remained with VIRUS CRAWL but started the duo to pick up extra work between gigs.

You can catch the boys at Wickham Park Hotel this Friday.

If you're a little disturbed about leaving the gig with your hearing intact you can catch the next full-blown, plugged-in, dials-go-up-to-11 VIRUS CRAWL show next Friday at the Catho Pub.

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