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Goodbye Grey Skies, Hello Blue

Goodbye Grey Skies, Hello Blue

Who: Darren Coggan

THE mystery surrounding the identity of the Australian singer cast to play the part of Ritchie Cunningham in the ARENA MEGA MUSICAL version of HAPPY DAYS has lifted. Carrot-topped country vocalist DARREN COGGAN has been named as the straight-laced, Mr Nice Guy Richard Cunningham who was renowned for standing up to punks by calling them 'Bucko'.

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that THE FONZ himself, or rather the actor who played Arthur Fonzerelli in the television series, HENRY WINKLER, will visit Newcastle before the show makes its world premiere on October 7 and 8 at the Newcastle Entertainment Centre.

Fonzie - er, we mean, Henry - was renowned for saying things like 'correct-a-mundo' and successfully jumping a record number of 24-gallon drums on his motorcycle outside Arnold's Milwaulkee fried chicken stand.

(It's frightening how much of the show you can recall, isn't it?)

Winkler is the show's 'creative consultant'. The original Mr C TOM BOSLEY will appear as the show's narrator. TE

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