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Bassist Fires Up For Black Fly - Carefully

Bassist Fires Up For Black Fly - Carefully

Who: Shank'D
Where: Lass O' Gowrie
When: Saturday September 4, 1999

SHANK'D bass player MARCUS 'DICE' WRIGHT says he will be taking strict advice before attempting any fire-breathing at the BLACK FLY parties the band has been booked to perform at.

The high-energy, four-piece rock band, playing this Saturday night at the Lass O'Gowrie, recently picked up sponsorship through the eyewear manufacturer which promotes its products through raunchy nightclub parties.

Black Fly parties, which have been held in Newcastle at The Castle and Fanny's during SURFEST, are notorious for saucy demonstrations of bondage, S&M toys, and erotic body painting.

Wright says the band has been invited to perform at the parties in the future at Newcastle, Melbourne and Sydney, and the band is keen to get into the wild antics with some body paint and possibly some fiery theatrics.

But fire-breathing is definitely out - until he speaks to an expert.

Wright, one half of BIG APACHEE PROMOTIONS, says the first show he ever booked, at The Star Hotel, was the fateful show featuring FREAKSHOP, where fire-breathing resulted in the ceiling catching alight.

Saturday's show will feature the new Shank'd line-up of drummer $LARRY$ (a pseudonym for a better known Newcastle drummer), MATT 'BONDI' STOKES on guitar, GRANT PILON on guitar and vocals.

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