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Pimp Takes Walk on the Wild Side

Pimp Takes Walk on the Wild Side

Who: Pimp
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Thursday September 2, 1999

SEXY grooves and a 'shady 70s kind of vibe' is what has inspired the latest collaboration by a group of well-known Beaumont St musicians who go by the name of PIMP. Tomorrow night at the Northern Star Hotel the group will be struttin' its stuff on stage, and ducking the long arm of the law, for 'a really grooving couple of sets', with a look inspired by movies like SHAFT and RESERVOIR DOGS. While they might look vaguely familiar, from beneath the cover of their wrap-around shades these cats go by the conspicuous aliases of WALLACE TEMPLETON III (thick strings), NICKO WASHINGTON JNR (skins), LUSHLIFE FREELY (ebonies and ivories), SNATCH STARSKY (thin strings) and THE VON VONSTER (flute action).

Freely says the band plays some tunes by BILL WITHERS such AIN'T NO SUNSHINE, YOU USE ME and LEAN ON ME, some of the more 'obscure, groovy numbers' by JACKSON FIVE, and some originals that are musically 'up the same Izzo back alley'. TE

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