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Gelatinous Joy

Gelatinous Joy

Who: Miles From Nowhere
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Wednesday October 6, 1999

MILES FROM NOWHERE is a Brisbane four-piece band with harmonies, pop songs and a big future among lovers of acoustic pop with a twist.

MFN released a beautiful five-track CD through ORACLE DISTRIBUTION last year.

It is self-titled but is becoming known around the traps as 'the blue jelly bean album', because of its cover.

(There has been a nine-track CD since this August 1998 release, a live CD called LIVE AT THE CONTINENTAL recorded last April, also through Oracle.)

The band's first CD was a four-track single, TWO WITH YOU, released in April 1997 and which sold 2000 copies and picked up a gong at the QUEENSLAND RECORDING ASSOCIATION AWARDS. Tonight's gig at the Northern Star is the band's last in Newcastle this year and if you haven't seen them in Newie mid-week then you should wiggle your butt along by the 9.30pm start.

But back to the 'blue jelly bean' CD.

Starting with a beautiful melancholy ballad FEIGNING, the group follows up with a punk'n'folk skiffle style tune called SUPAFLANGE, which sounds a bit like THE LIVING END with acoustic guitars and brushes. Defying convention, the band then skips into another style with a scatty little tune with guitar, violin and twin harmonies called LITTLE SISTER, another stand-alone radio friendly job that would sit easily on TRIPLE J or commercial radio.

The group then launches into a version of PAUL SIMON'S LATE IN THE EVENING (the few covers the group plays are penned by Simon and ART GARFUNKEL, RADIOHEAD, DAVID BOWIE or JEFF BUCKLEY). The album closes with a sweetly tender song WAITING FOR THE LAST WORD, which is sung with great emotion and sensitivity. It is about the subject of ageing.

Featuring vocals and piano that will send shivers down the back of your neck, the four members are all vocalists, harmony singers and songwriters.

They are brothers, guitarist DAN CARTER and drummer MICK CARTER, guitarist CHRIS DILLON and bass player BEN McCARTHY. Not wussy at all but a hell of a lot of fun, MILES FROM NOWHERE is destined for greatness.TE

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