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Wordless Play Deep in Shadow

Wordless Play Deep in Shadow

What: Australian Theatre for the Deaf
Where: Newcastle University Drama Theatre
When: Friday October 15, 1999

IN SNAKES & LADDERS, performed this week by the AUSTRALIAN THEATRE FOR THE DEAF, the thoughts of a young woman become visible, appearing on stage as an independent shadow.

The wordless show, on Friday night at the University of Newcastle drama theatre, is described as 'a poignant journey by a young woman into the internal landscapes of the mind'.

Starring MEDINA BUCCIARELLI, KATE NELSON and MICHAEL NG, the choreography between two 'characters' establishes 'a paradox of tension and harmony'.

According to producers the relationship between the girl and her shadow 'mirrors the highs and lows of life'.

'The good times and bad times that occur as if we are ruled by the random roll of the dice,' they say.

The 20-year-old theatre company designs productions that are universally appealing.

But they have particular appeal for deaf, young and old audiences.

Tickets are $25 and $20 concession. TE

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