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Return of the Sixties

Return of the Sixties

Who: Sixties Mania
Where: Newcastle Panthers
When: Friday October 15, 1999

SIXTIES MANIA, playing at the Newcastle Workers Club this Friday night, is a concept band from Newcastle which differs from most Australian tribute shows.

This band is returning to play a handful of Australian shows between October and December, before returning overseas for its main source of income.

The band has spent most of the past four years on the road, making a living in the United States and Canada.

Newcastle bass player ANDREW HILL first wrote to tell us he enjoyed catching up on the Newcastle music gossip through the TE web site at www.nnp.com.au

Novocastrian vocalist DARREN FARRAR and Lake Macquarie guitarist GLENN MCCALLUM are also members of the five-person band made up of three Aussies, a Canadian and a New Zealander.

After Friday night's annual fundraiser for Merewether Heights Public School, the band will return to perform at Phoenix on December 9.

The group is booked to play a 'Millennium Show' in Hong Kong on New Year's Eve.

Sixties Mania covers 'all the great groups' from the 1960s, complete with a multimedia stage show which uses videos, slides and voice overs.

'I realised many years ago the days of being a working muso or band, and working four to five nights a week in Australia were going to be a thing of the past,' Hill wrote.

'In the USA if you're good, and the venue likes your act, you will be looked after and offered future work as they appreciate a quality act.'

As well as the players, Sixties Mania travels with four Canadian dancing girls and the band's secret weapon, a full-time sound operator.

For more on this amazing Newcastle success story check out the band's web site at www.sixtiesmania.com.au TE

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